Our mission is to spread Ahle Sunnah Aqaa’id and to publish literature of the Ulama-e-Ahle Sunnah especially that of Imam Ahmed Raza Al-Qaderi (Radi ALLAH Anhum) (because there are some enemies of Islam who are hidden and attempt to pass themselves off as “Muslim" and they claim that the great Ahle Sunnah scholars ,especially Imam Ahmed Raza Al-Qaderi, are guilty of spreading bid'ah or innovation) for this, we have published these books in Arabic from Egypt, donated by JAMA'T RAZA E MUSTAFA Bolton U.K and Al Moassasa al Wajdiyah Darbhangah Bihar India:
Written by Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza khan Qadri
تنقية الإيمان المعروف باسم المعتقد المنتقد
فقه شهنشاه أن القلوب بيد المحبوب بعطاء الله
قوارع القهار على المجسمة الفجار
Written by Tajush sharia Mufti Akhtar Raza khan Qadri
الصحابة نجوم الاهتداء
«حقيقة البريلوية المعروف بـ مرآة النجدية بجواب «البريلوية
Written by Allama Muhammad Ahmad Misbahi
حدوث الفتن وجهاد أعيان السنن
Our activity of publishing books is in progress (a series of Imam Ahmad Raza books and The book "Ta'liqat al Azhari ala sahih al Bokhari wa ala hawashi al Muhaddith Saharanpuri in 2 volumes") written by Tajush shariah Mufti Akhtar Raza khan Qadri azhari.

We need your help to promote our Ahle Sunnah Aqaa’id , when we are surrounded and bombarded by non-Sunni publications, which have corrupted our Aqeeda and have made deep inroads in the minds of the youth. All such activities in Islam that help in promoting Islam constitute an act of Jihad for which there will be an enormous reward. The great Saint (Sufi), Hadrat Sheikh Sirri Saqti(Radi ALLAH Anh) said, “That person can never become perfect until he does not give preference to Deen over his personal desires”.

In our Web Site you will find Books of different scholars in Arabic , Urdu and English, and lots of valuable authentic Islamic information. Islam is a unique religion which is independent of race, region, language and all other barriers. We are trying to expand our site in different languages so people around the world can benefit from it, please help us in our mission.
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